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Full Version: Plugin file removed but still showing in the admin panel
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I installed this plugin on my forum

I was not understanding their settings to I deleted that .php file from the plugins folder but it is still showing in admin panel

[Image: DG2vl.gif]

Is it a magic? Big Grin

How to remove it?

OR may be just tell me how can I use that plugin to hide content from "Guests" only.. What is the group ID for "Guests"?
Remove all the files that belonged to it, or was it just one?

GID for Guests is 1
It was just one file (HideToGuests.php)

I just uploaded it again to the Plugins folder and set the "Guests" group 1 but still I can see the threads if I browse my forum as a "Guests"

Here is the setting of my Groups

[Image: aOLTy.gif]

Is my "Guests" group ID 1 or in my case it is different?
Click on Guests, and see what number the link ends with.
To get your guests group ID do the following.

Admin CP > Users And Groups > Groups > Guests > Edit

At the end of the url it should be this edit&gid=???

the ??? is your group number.

From what i understand your wanting to hide links & other content from guests?
It is showing edit&gid=1, it means my Guests ID is 1 for sure.

YES I want to hide the links and content from guests, I have installed another plugin that is hiding the links correctly from guests but this plugin is not working and not hiding the content from guests Sad

as said on your other thread, that should work for 1.6.