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Full Version: Desperately need to get this done
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I want to hide the threads content from guests. They can see the thread titles but cannot see the content.

100% same as this forum is doing

I have tried 2 plugins

But both are not working... I desperately need to get this done. Please help me how can I hide my threads?

If there is some plugin that is using and I must buy subscription for that please let me know, I will buy subscription.

Waiting for your replies.

Thats made for 1.6, which im assuming your running.

Report back.
I got it working now Smile

Now just need a little more help

When I see the forum as "Guest" it is showing me error page with the message "Guests Cannot View Threads". I want that error page like this

How can I do it?
That is a permission edit. It's pretty easy.

Add this to showthread.php
PHP Code:
if(!in_array($mybb->user['usergroup'], array('1')))

Clones code works fine.