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Full Version: thread sorting / replies bumping old threads..
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i asked this help in in here
but they didnt help me,i hope MyBB Cental will help me out..


can anyone tell me how to the threads in forumdisplay have these as defalt:-

sort by : creation time ; order : descending ; from : beginning..

or i dont want replies to bump old threads..

please help me with it..

It is automatically sorted like that mate.
no bro..
im using mybb 1.4 and it bumps the threads if a new reply is posted
Oh, well I don't think you can modify it like that.
when i asked in mybb, they said this..

Quote:You'll probably need a plugin or code modification to achieve what you want, if you don't want any replies to bump the thread at all. there a plugin to do that ?

or can anyone create it
You could modify it to "Date Created" in some way, I'm not sure how tho.
anyone know how to do it?

please help me out..
Edit the forum in admincp. There is a sort option.
ah shit...

i forgot to check the option thee !!

thanks a lot Bro..