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Full Version: Who has been online today
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Anyone got the Plugin called

Who has been online today

For MyBB 1.6?.
It's already there.
Don't mean that one.

The plugin. Which shows on the Index page says how many guests & members & bots have visited my forum within 24 hours.

There is only a Whos online today for MyBB 1.4.
Perhaps you change the compatibility in plugin. But this is not sure.
Its called Online 24 and here is the link its for myBB 1.4x but im sure you can edit it for 1.6x. Here is the link its here on the site if you use the search bar.
This plugin is incompatible with MyBB 1600...

I am no good with upgrading plugins Big Grin.
Well thats to bad cause its not hard at all. Change the 14 to 16 in the php file.
good job Smile
I can't download it i wonder issues It is tough!
If your trying to download the MyBBCentral version of the plugin then you cant.
You need to be a suscriber to download MyBBCentral Exclusive plugins.

And the plugin does work on 1.6 Big Grin
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