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Full Version: ficons Help {plz help}
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hey i have got serious problem i want to change the icons of my forum but as i added ficons in inc/plugin[remaining changes i have not done because it was only showing the function file[in inc plugins]not the forum.php [file in admin]} my all the forum icons disappeared no my forums apperaance became very bad.

Dont know what do do to get my icons back

Can anyone help me i would be thankful
plz plz help

{}take a look
How did you get the plugin with no subscription. I would help you but its against site rules. Support for subscribers only. Omni might get mad at us.
i got it from
Its not on
maybe someone gave it to him? O.o
Then that person needs to be banned. Support should not be provided to someone who ripped the plugin.
This sharing of the plugins is getting out of control.

Someone needs to make some sort of license system xD

Again, for the latest releases and for full support, suscribe to the forums. Im sure it wont hurt the bank that much.
And besides its well worth it.