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Full Version: Uhm, Why Do I Keet Getting Removed As Admin?
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I keep getting switched to a normal user (primary group to 11) but view group is still 4 (admin), and I lose access to my ACP. Any scripts known to do this?

Now it says I am banned. Thinking I got banned...
Is your database getting hacked?
Im assuming you got hacked, but right now i can see your site is reset so problem solved i would assume.
I got hacked right when I gave you access Kaleb... coincidence much?
Kaleb is slightly disturbing that after you gain access he has problems. He has a new site. Who knows it's there to even get hacked?
(Sep 16, 2010, 06:11 PM)RyanDiamond Wrote: [ -> ]I got hacked right when I gave you access Kaleb... coincidence much?

Wow i dont think anyone got hacked. They just messed up... lol
Yeah im a big hacker bro.

Regular admins cant modify super admins, which was you. So keep talking pal. Look at my last visit guarantee it was before you got hacked.
you had ftp access like you asked. Download config, make some backdoored scripts running mysql queries and bam, I'm screwed.
As if i knew how to do any of that, and check my FTP usage, i didnt download or upload a single thing. I realized i was a retard and didnt need it.

And really what sort of kick would i get out of hacking a forum with 5 members? I have my own forum with 700 and growing, im a super mod on which is at 600, and growing.

Every day i check mybbcentral and provide whatever sort of help i can what so ever, and you think i would throw that away to hack your site? No.
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