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Full Version: Win cool gadgets! Easy
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Win A Cool Gadget!

How to win:.
Reefer 5 people to CyberHackers using your referral link.
Get them to make 3 quality posts (not spam), They must post saying you refereed them here.
Inbox me with subject "I've won"

You must have 10 posts or more.
Each person you reefer must have 3 quality posts (not spam).
They must all have a different IP to you!
Breaking these rules will result in an instant ban.

What you can win:.
Any one of these (you choose).
[Image: sku_1138_1_thumb.jpg]
Mini Pig 2 LEDs Flashlight White
[Image: sku_3399_2_small.jpg]
Cigarette-shaped Butane Lighter
[Image: sku_12996_1_small.jpg]
Mini Lightsabre LED Keychain
[Image: sku_11866_1_small.jpg]
Super Mini Bluetooth 2.0 Adapter Dongle
[Image: sku_0033_1_thumb.jpg]
iPod Noise Isolation Earbuds
[Image: sku_22475_1_small.jpg]
Virtual 5.1-Surround USB 2.0 External Sound Card
[Image: sku_46025_1_small.jpg]
Pocket Toolkit Mini Folding Knife Keychains - Color Assorted (5-Pack)
[Image: sku_1305_1_small.jpg]
Cell Phone Signal Blocker Pouch

If caught cheating you will be banned.