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Full Version: Having a problem
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Everytime i try to add favicon code to the index it gives me an error
so then i tried it as include and it still errors is there anywhere i can put the code without it erroring on me?


also, how do i untick Email notification permanently i dont like unticking it all the time?
anddd how do i make it so it goes back to the actual thread and not the forum
Where are you putting the favicon code? I have mine in the header template, and it works fine.
i was putting it as and include in index.php
hmmmm i'll put it in the header

ok i put it in the header... its shows in Fire Fox but not in IE :S

lolmaclol dont just post to get your two post count to download i want actual HELP not spam posts!
Don't use favicon code....just place the image in your sites root directory. No need for code at all.
That is weird. I never noticed the icon didn't show in IE. I checked, and it shows in FF and opera. I swear I really don't care much for IE! Tongue

Labrocca, the image is in my root, so if the code isn't necessary, shouldn't it show whether or not the code is there?

edit: I guess not, since yours doesn't even show up in IE! Actually, I can't see any favicons in IE. Does it support them with IE7?
ok i'll take the code out and see if it changes

^i see mybbcentral favicon and everyone elses shows but mine Sad


doesn't change it
i removed
<link rel="shortcut icon" href="" type="image/x-icon" />

still doesnt work in ie Sad