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Full Version: Redtube MyCode
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This is a repost, i was just looking through super old posts, and found this code, and if your site has a "Adult" section this would be perfect for it, maybe someone out there could modify it so you can set it to only work in certain sections! It is made by labrocca not me, full credit to him, it only got 17 downloads back in 2008 i think it would get alot more now.

The code is [redtube]linkhere[/redtube] and it will embed the video, just like the [yt] code.

The reason i think it should only work in adult sections is obviously because you dont want someone spamming a coding section with porn.
O damn, Added to my forum, Thanks Kaleb
And labrocca.
Download doesn't work.
(Mar 30, 2012, 01:12 AM)lolek774 Wrote: [ -> ]Download doesn't work.

That sucks I uploaded this a while ago, I just tried it and it worked for me though.
tanks duded