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Full Version: Anybody Want To Start A Forum With Me?
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Im wanting to make a mybb support forum, not a mybb forum, strictly support and nothing else. I already have a few plans, like having a support team and all that. It will be a good alternative to since they suck and dont let warez / hacking forums have support.

I can get hosting, but not the domain.
What domain do you want?, i think.

You already know.
Nevermind, gamepro is a homie and would take a bullet for me. Or he would buy me the domain.
i will i am up 4 fun aswell
the idea actually sounds good Smile
i would love help you out, but i can't help you so much as i just started my own forum.
send me a PM or add my msn: [email protected] if you need help.
EDIT: while writing this message i found out your forum is up. i register now Smile
i would but i m more off a gamer programing freek Big Grin
I will do it i can pay for everything.


yes why not friend lets start