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Full Version: l33t
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I just paid the $10 to upgrade my account to l33t.

Do you know when I will get this upgrade?

I see that it says "instant" upgrade but its not instant!!!
[Image: capturetn.png]

Post your transaction ID.
l33t thats only for hackforums lol
Yeah here it's called subscribers.
l33t.. haha.
Yo nigga gamepro, I'm leet too. It took a few minutes for me to get it.
Weird. I paid through alertpay. Still haven't gotten my l33t D:
Oh my......
Dude it is NOT l33t / ub3r!
Maybe check the site you're on next time?
You obviously came here to troll. You would of been upgraded by now for one, and for two you asked how to upgrade to ub3r...
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