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Full Version: Problem with Thread Prefixes
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When I upgraded to MyBB 1.6 I've immediately noticed a large problem with the prefixes portion of the update. The Post icons work fine, but on ALL of my threads, past, present, and future, there's a little zero beside each and every single one.

I've uploaded a picture of the issue so you can see what's going on, but if you go to my site you'll be able to see it also especially in the introduction thread where we've had a little bit of spam recently. is the site url.

Please help if you can


EDIT: I've solved the problem with the junk posts problem. Apparently that part changed when they did the upgrade and I hadn't realized it, simply took off the "Junked" from "Junked: {subject}". The prefix issue is still there.

[Image: fjj9f5.jpg]
If you wanna make me an admin I can look at the templates, it has to be in there.

And if not, I can check the DB to see if it's an issue there?
I'll pm you.