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Full Version: Paying for theme edit...
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I love the way that theme is setup kinda like hackforums but I don't like the color/images.

I'll pay 5$ for a custom edit Smile
Explain what kind of edit. What colors do you want etc.
More dark blue ...

If you could somehow add money objects into the theme that be nice too.

Basically just some new images and css changes.

Not sure if you guys can see the blue theme I can (may be cached for me)

But they have time showing and the buttons and things I like I wanna incorporate into the theme

I also want a 1.6 version for when I update so now I am willing to pay 10$'s

[Image: 1p6B.jpg]

I made that out of simple editing to show what I want the top to look like... the clock in the middle I really want it to work .. show time/date and be accurate to the zone they have set.