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Full Version: Post image rating system
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You may or may not have seen the forums of but on their forums, each post you are able to give each separate post a rating if you wish. It is done dynamically and people can see how many image ratings each post has had.

The icons in the image are: agree, disagree, funny, informative, polite/nice/friendly, useful, optimistic, artistic, late, bad spelling, bad reading, dumb

This would be so awesome to see this as a plugin, where you can add you're own things =] Its basically just rating a post, but with an image/word.

I am looking for the plugin to be free, or released under MyBB Central, I am not signing up to more sites to subscribe for one plugin.

I'd love too Wink
Why hasn't this been doen yet? I'd really love this!

Sorry for the necro.