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Full Version: Need help ASAP!
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I don't know what happened, but for some reason I am not admin om=n my forum? I am a regular member? I own the forum,I dont know what happened?

I think I got it, I went to php myadmin and changed my group to 4. I hope that's right.
No I keep getting kicked, and some users that are in a group are being set back to a newbie.

Is this maybe someone hacking? or a mistake on my part?

I had this happen to me a few days ago, maybe last week. I think it's a messy plugin honestly. No issues since I redid my forum.
Ya I was thinking the same? but I have not installed any plug ins,for a bit,and this just start happening tonight.
This keeps happening, Every like 10 min I have to go in php myadmin and re-set my ID to"4" to gain admin again?

I really need help?
Once you've regained administrative access quickly put yourself into the administrator usergroup then uninstall any plugins that are causing this.
OK, I will give this a try.

Thanks a lot.
Don't work either?
Anyone have any more ides? I need to fix this asap.

1) Depending on how many users you have / how popular your forum is, just restart it.

2) Set your ID to 4 again, and close your board (via the ACP) and uninstall / delete from FTP all plugins. Then follow this guide
Ok, I will give that a try.

Its not very big yet, but I have a load of work in to it. Many hours.