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Full Version: Crack Hack Forum
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Its a new forum (started this approx on July 17th) that has a lot of content by now. We have seperate section for Hacking, Cracking, Coding, Gaming, Graphics, Warez, Special Guest Download Section, Premium Account Section.

Premium A/c Section - Only accessible for Verified members group.

VIP Membership is also available for quarterly, semi annual and annual subscription. We have exclusive tools coded by some of our coders and top contributers.

And our theme is custom made by our own staff. We modded it perfectly to match the contents.

We have had lots of clones starting site with similar domain name, copying our content etc.

So Visit THE REAL Crack Hack Forum, your reviews will be taken positively:-
Crack Hack Forum
Looks nice, I'll prob join later on.
Hmm I like this layout of this forum goodjo.b
Damn, nice job!

Our members have made a total of 280,189 posts in 130,561 threads.
We currently have 61,719 members registered.

Still another HF wannabe though.
(Dec 06, 2011, 09:56 PM)F4T4L 3RR0R Wrote: [ -> ]Still another HF wannabe though.
Competing with a niche aint called wannabe. My stats is the reply to your phrase.Wink
you mean like the theme? or template hack?