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Full Version: MyBB 1.4x Area Closed
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I've closed and placed the entire 1.4x section into Archives. No posts or threads will be allowed but the section is still accessible to read and download.

I'll be starting this weekend on updating and releasing all the plugins I can from 1.4x into 1.6x compatible. Many plugins will get updates to features, security, and code optimizations.

Thank you.
Nice to see updates. Just fix up the Member Releases forum description:

"This area is for member released plugins, hacks, and code for MyBB 1.5x series."
Good catch. I've also restructured the forum a bit.
Thanks labrocca, I appreciate the hard-work you put into the plug-ins for us.

Any ETA on when MyBB Central will be upgraded as-well?
It's going to take me weeks to do them all but I'm starting this weekend with Ficons, Contact Form, Tabbed Menu and My Awards which are 3 of our most popular.
Yes, Labrocca, we are all awaiting for tabbed menu plugin.
Oh great news, but i think i would wait untill the next update of 1.6.x is released to update my forums.
Yeah I want to see tabbed menu for 1.6.x too
I can't wait for these plugins to be released. I can't imagine how hard it would be to update them all.
Patience is a virtue, It will be worth the wait. Thanks for the update Labrocca.
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