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Full Version: Plugins wont work after theme change?
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So recently we switched to a custom theme we have had made on our forums. A lot of plugins weren't displaying and I thought right, must be because the templates haven't been auto edited.

So I deactivated all the plugins that weren't working / uninstalled. Then deleted the plugin files from inc/plugins.

Reuploaded the plugin files and activated them. Made sure they were config'd to be active in the config menu. But yet the changes still aren't showing up? These are plugins like Profile Comments and other profile based changes. But also things like usergroup legend.

Any ideas why this might be? And also how to fix it?

Also another problem I noticed upon switching to the new theme is that the rating stars aren't showing. You can still rate threads but the star images wont load. They are there on the server and the showthread_ratings ( or whatever it is. Cant remember of the top of my head ) template is exactly the same as the default mybb theme template which is working fine.

Thanks in advance.
You have to do the manual edits.