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Full Version: A New kind of Gaming Community
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TUGC is a Gaming Community based mainly around Zombies or even games that have mods that deal with zombies, however: We still play all types of games.

We are either putting a TF2 or Zombie Master server up soon, depends on if we can get people registered on the forums.. The more the faster I'll be putting the server up.


The Unstoppables Gaming Community Charter

Mission Statement:
The Unstoppables is hereby established to serve as a community for gamers to connect with other fellow gamers and to have fun doing what we love best. We are a mature community bound by a set of common principles:

1. We believe that the virtues of friendship, fun, professionalism, respect, cooperation, teamwork and courtesy are more important than power.
2. Factions will not be tolerated.
3. All regulars(survivors) will be respected enough to have a common influence on the direction and administration of the community.
4. We value merit over title and action over pretense. All of our regulars(survivors) are valuable assets in their own way, and will excel within their domain.
5. Freedom of speech - no regular(survivor) will be penalized for expressing his opinions. This is a community of mature people.
6. We value the input of regulars(survivors), and we are eager to devote our time and effort to educating and welcoming new additions.

If you want to read the rest of the Charter here is a link:

We are needing TeamSpeak admins, Game Server Admins, Forum Admins, and Public Relation Officers.
Game Server Officers will not have to pay for admin.

Come check us out PC Gamers.

Still working on the forums everyday, however we want the community to start gaming.. We are waiting for the new free 1.6 plugins to come out ^_^

Come game with us. WE are getting servers as soon as we see the community builds and is ready.

Thanks for reading.
We got a TF2 server, if your interested. Stop on by ^_^

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I really like your theme! Big Grin