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Full Version: - Support For All Blackout Products (By Gamepro127 & Kaleb)
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Finally, im almost done Sad .

For the past 4 hours or so i have been revamping this old domain, im going to make it so blackout support is easier then ever, with no issues what so ever, and im also going to make it a hacking forum, if you own a blackout product and need support first apply to be in the blackout group, once your accepted post your problem in the support section, which is only viewable by that group!

For now im using a free theme, i may sooner or later pay for one to be made, depending on traffic. So far i have done about 4 hours worth of template edits to make it feel like blackout.

I will be adding more sections daily, for now i just got down the basics, go ahead register, check around, get support and enjoy the forums!