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Site Name:
xTreme Arcade


Our Mission:
I started this site because I wanted a place to just relax, kick back, and enjoy an hour or two of nothing but good ol' fun. This site is tailored to individuals of all ages.

What we provide:
xTreme Arcade is based around the actual arcade. I have over 7000 games that will be added to the arcade in the coming weeks. So there should be something for everyone to enjoy.
I also added a section where you can download small Game Packs to add to your own arcade. Or if you prefer, you can download individual games from within the arcade itself.

Additional Notes:
As stated above, this site was created for pure enjoyment. And is using a free domain name. This may or may not be changed in the future...we'll see.

Games are continuously being added to the arcade (and I have access to tons of them). If there is a particular game you would like to see added, please request it in the forum and I will try my best to get it for you.
Theme Is OVERUSED !!!!!!!!!!!
Looks GoOD Tho Smile
(Oct 03, 2010, 10:01 AM)SouRD Wrote: [ -> ]Theme Is OVERUSED !!!!!!!!!!!
Looks GoOD Tho Smile

Yeah I know. But it fits with the genre of the site. I'll maybe try to personalize it a little.

Thanks for the feedback though.
Nice man! (: