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Full Version: Index Page got fcuk up
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hello, my Index page has been fcuk because I got some error and delete some codes on my index template.. and Now it looks so buggy. I have my back up of my sites' files here but I don't know which file exactly for INDEX page I will replace so that I can restore my working index page for my site..
acp>templates>your theme templates>index templates>index

Just revert it to original.
this is the part of the code that fukc up..

I think after the boardstats, it has a following code that was the missing part of my index page
I got it fixed. I have just copy the default templates codes that was missing to my code..
wow, 0_O..

for the Offtopic,

I just observe that When I reply to this post , it will just append lower below my post and will not create a new reply that could bump my thread.

what plug-in is this?.. its freakin awsome. =)
It's not a plugin, it's a MyBB default.

Also, it' spelled FUCK.