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You're currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. View the full version with proper formatting. is a new hacking community forum.
My name is Steve and I am the founder of HL.

All these domains go to HL,

Happy Networking!
-th3 b0$$
[email protected]

I like your theme etc, but unfortunatly I cannot access your board without signing up for an account. Its just my personal opinion, but this has always put me off signing up for some forums because I personally like to be able to see what chat areas there are going to be before I sign up. So my advise is to allow guests to see your board, because it appears that they can't at the moment Smile not so good theme and the icons no good!
Same to the others ones
-Tabs get rid of them or at least change the colors
-Theme get a new one way to dark hurts my eyes, may I suggest you check out or for anything you need.
-Keep in mind just because it's a hacking forum doesn't mean it needs a dark theme!
Good Luck!
The "General" tab does not change color when I click on another tab. It makes it seem like it is always selected (the other tabs don't change either). Other than that, I really like the site. Best of luck with it!
I am totally agree with windowsmediaman otherwise this site seems good to me.
Thank you guys