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Full Version: Help (Quickly)
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One of my staff members went rouge and mass deleted a shitload of sections.


I have a backup from two days ago.

How do I add it in?
Reverted back to an old database.

I still have the user table from those two days ... it was about 50 members I don't wanna lose.

How can I import that table in ?

It is a little bit tricky. If you not sure, ask your hosting provider for help.

To import/restore a database:
Go to your cpanel/ and look for php admin
Look for the database you created for your forum
Select the SQL tab in the main phpMyAdmin frame
Click Choose File
Locate the SQL file on your computer
Once you've selected your import file, click Go

If you get any Table already exists errors while importing data, re-save the sql with the *Add drop table* option checked, or simply delete the conflicting tables and run the import again.


^ Got that

Now I wanna add "mix" together the user tables from after his moronic rage and before so i don't lose about 50 members.
Do you still have those 50 members you dont want to loose?
Alright, if you backed up ONLY the table mybb_users, just go to phpmyadmin right now, search for mybb_users, click it, then drop the table.

Then import the mybb_users with the 50 extra members.

Easy Smile.

Backup before you do any of that, and also the users wont instantly count in the stats.