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Full Version: Site Idea...needs everyone's input
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With all the MyBB Resource sites popping up, I came up with what I think is a great idea.

I would like to start a site (using the MyBB software of course) that will showcase all these sites in the one spot. Each site that is showcased will have there own section on the forum that will list specifics about the site (ie; link, founding year,alexa ranking,site category, etc...). Within each site's section, there will also be subforums where each sites owner can post any important announcements or draw attention to any extraordinary resources they may have created. There will be no resources posted on the site (unless the specific site owner wishes to do so)...I'd rather have members go to each site to download any such items. That will draw members back to each site.

I have already aquired a TLD for this project ( The reason I'm posting this is to get everyone's input.
  • Who would be interested in showcasing their site?
  • How many non-resource members would be interested in using a site like this?
  • Any ideas you think I should incorporate?

Note:Since we will be showcasing sites as opposed to resource downloads, Both free and paid resource sites are welcomed.

Please post below if you have any thoughts at all on this idea. Looking forward to good as well as bad responses to this.
I'd be ready to showcase my site, aditional attention to a site never did any harm to it...

However I'm a bit worried that this idea isn't that good, because you would need to put a lot of efforth in it, you can't expect that resource site owners will advertise your site when it's new. Without members we will have no reason to showcase our work on the site, because there are many other sites to showcase our work on (even if they're not dedicated to it).


I'm not expecting the site owners to advertise for me. I'll take care of that myself.
the site will be new and therefore would need to grab the attention of potential members...both to itself and the sites that are showcased. It will not explode into a booming site overnight, but with the right promotion and constant mentions on other sites, the word will get out.

I would ensure I had a few sites willing to showcase on the site before opening. Nothing worse than opening a site with no content.

Thanks for your feedback. this is the type of opinions I am looking for.
Yes you're right, but you must know that such site won't have much to talk about if you'll be only focusing on showcasing our sites. I suggest you to have a general forum about MyBB and add showcasing as an addon, a benefit for your members or simply have it as an adventage over other similar sites.

Good luck with your site Smile


I will take that into consideration.
I will be having general mybb topics and support on the site. Nothing too in depth...I'll leave that to the site owners. But there will definitely be mybb related topics there.