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Full Version: Email Activation and MSN, Hotmail, Live
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Apparently all emails for the service providers of Microsoft (MSN, Hotmail, and Live) are being rejected as part of a blocklist on my IP.

I'm investigating now and looking for a solution. Apologies for any inconvenience. Until then I've banned these services.
For all your sites or just this one?
I've been forced to delete all thread and forum subscriptions until this has been resolved. It appears that we probably have some bad hotmail or live email subscriptions with dead accounts. Also we may have members who marked these subscriptions as spam causing additional problems.

If you still want to subscribe to threads feel free but please make sure if you use an MS email service that it's valid and it's not going to your spam filter.

And this is only for SF and MyBB Central.
I finally got registered with my gmail account.
yes that is true i had to use my [email protected]
that is very important.