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Full Version: How To Install A Board On Localhost
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Lets go Cool.

Installing a board on localhost can be fun for multiple reasons, E.G. if your going on a trip and you have a laptop you could make a theme, and test it on localhost.

Head over to and download the latest version of WAMPSERVER. Once your done downloading it, install it.

Go to the far left of the taskbar (next to the time), and find wamp server, it sorta looks like a speedometer. Click it, and click start all services, as well as put online, to test if its working go to localhost in a browser and a default page should come up.

Next download the latest version of mybb at , then extract the upload folder.

Copy all the contents of the upload folder and paste them in your localdisk, under wamp/www (local disk is almost always C, so it would be c:\wamp\www\)

Once thats done go to http://localhost/phpmyadmin/ , and create a new DB, its right on the index.

Now go to localhost/install/, you should know everything, under database configuration, make your database server hostname localhost, your username root, leave password blank, and make your database name whatever you made it in phpmyadmin.

Congrats you now have a local board for testing or w/e Cool.

Leave a thanks or questions in this thread if you would like!