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Full Version: Console-CrAzY
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Its not much but its what ive been working on for awhile.

would like some feedback


I don't like any of it. Boring skin, bad logo, too many forum categories, and just plain unattractive site to join. Sorry but I don't sugar-coat my criticism.

Thank you...?

Yeah it does need some work. I just started it and do need some pointers. Do i need a theme with more colors? Any examples of a better theme? How could i categorize it better? Also i cant get mad at you because you have been the most helpful to me. I am actually visiting this site more often than mybb community board forums. I love all your plug ins. Thanks and i appreciate all the help you have given to me.
1. Your logo is not defined properly in the theme.
2. That theme is imho too business like for a game site.
3. Too many categories for forums and too many forums. Example: You have a Best category and then you have 2 forums in it...what for? Why not just place a Bets forum into the miscellaneous?
4. Why do you have a Sega section? They don't even make consoles anymore.
5. That top overview thing..I don't like but that's just my personal preference. Whenever I visit a forum I expect the forum to be top fold.
6. Look for a theme at mybb site, or even here. Just about anything will be better than what you have.
Im still working on a banner.Im fixing the category problem and ill look for another theme. (i never knew about



did some changes (except for the categories)