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Full Version: Remove limit limit on edit for VIP ? and sig limit for admin/staff?
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I wanna have my normal members able to edit for 1337 seconds and I want to give VIP unlimited edit time.


How? ?

What about sig limit for admin/staff ?
Still need help with this.
You would have to have a plugin it's not as simple as a template edit. Omni has some sort of thing like this for HF but he won't release it.

If I knew how to code it I would Smile
I dont think its exclusive to HF, ibf uses it on gfxforums
^ Can you find it for me ?/Pm him there?
Thank ibf for this one.

Go to the settings section in your acp, and search for edit, if your not blind you will see it.
I have that set but VIP still say they can't edit after 1337 minutes.
I still have this issue :/ ?