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Full Version: Can People Use HF Theme on There Sites?
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i was wondering if this is legal,
i have seen a hacking website witch they had theme on it.

Are they allowed to use it?

i know that hf theme got ripped but still
No. Even though I am not Omni but I am also a forum owner and I don't think anyone would like there creations to be used well and even if you do use it not only will Omni take it down but you will just kill the reputation of the forum by just copying everything it just stupid to do such a thing.
yeah that was what i was thinking about it
Most of Labrocca's themes are riped. Just like this from MyBBCentral
Absolutely not, and you will get one of those DMCA Notice things.
hackforums and mybb central themes has been ripped all over youtube and google
(Oct 18, 2010, 07:47 PM)AppleDeveloper Wrote: [ -> ]hackforums and mybb central themes has been ripped all over youtube and google

Ripping a theme is easy, But it doe's nothing for you, People will see your theme is ripped and there goes your reputation.
yeah i know ripping a theme its easy i can easily rip anyone's theme.
its just sad people
Its nice to see you've changed your theme after a few comments on this thread AppleD.
I send DMCA notices all the time. At least a few per week. Those using my copyrighted plugins or themes without permission get shut down. Funny since they probably lose more money when their account is shut down than if they simply bought the $10 upgrade here.
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