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Full Version: Ficons v2.1 not fully compatible to Mybb 1.6
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I was happy able to install the ficon v2.1 onto Mybb 1.6 and it worked. However, I found it is not fully compatible for the following scenario:-

- After activated the ficon, loaded in icon to the forum
- it works
- Then deactivated the ficon, still OK
- Then activated the ficon again, loaded icon to the forum , still OK at the admin side
- However at the index page (before user loggin-in) have double icons.....

Which file to edit to eliminate the double icons (if deactivated twice, then 3 icons...and so on) ?

When can we expect the see the new ficons plugin that is 100% compatible to Mybb 1.6?

Just do the template edits and remove the additional ficons. A template search for "ficons" will give you all the templates.
Thank! However I search for the ficons and there were 2 files found:


I go into the edit and it appears normal, ... same as your installation instruction ... nothing more added.

The double icons appears before a user log in (there are 7 col rather than 6). After logging in, it appears normal with one icon.

I've used Chrome, IE6, and Firefox 3 to test with the same result...

BTW, is it possible to add a link to the icon to goes into sub forum after clicking it?

I have re-installed MyBB to get rid of the double icon issue. However, I think it's better to wait for ficons version that is for Mybb ver 1.6. I think it comes to another question: When can it be available?
When can it be available?

Its a good question, its what I want to know too
Quote:A template search for "ficons" will give you all the templates

I found it in forumbit_depth2_forum

Quote:<td class="{$bgcolor}" align="center" valign="top" width="1"><img src="uploads/ficons/{$forum['ficon']}" alt="{$forum['description']}" />

Should I just delete that code??