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Full Version: Subscribed and paid (I think) when can I download plugins?
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Hi all, I am desperate to get using the html permissions plugin for myBB.

I have just subscibed (upgraded) and paid through Google Checkout.

When I hit the send payment button I got a message saying "ooops something went wrong".

However when I check my payment receipts I see the following:

19 Oct
You placed an order with Jesse Labrocca on 19 Oct. Google Checkout sent a copy of this receipt to [email protected]

Order date: 19 Oct 2010 16:12 GMT+01:00
Google order number: 218619344072342

Delivery Status Qty Item Price
Digital delivery 1 Mybb Central Membership - This is a lifetime subscription to USD10.00
Tax : USD0.00
Total: USD10.00

Can someone tell me if this worked and if so when I will be able to download the html permissions plugin?
Think this is sorted now Big Grin