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Full Version: Change EasyRefer to display native MyBB Referral Link
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Currently it shows a username in the referral link, but I want it to show native MyBB style (User ID, not username)
If I get permission to change it from labcrocca, I will do it.
Well we're allowed to make personal changes to plugins we have, so you could just PM me the solution ... I don't think he would complain if you posted it here.
So instead of with the uid= you want one like user-1321212.html?
What version of mybb are you running?

Remember you can only do that if labcrocca gives you permition to edit.
I'm pretty sure you're allowed to modify it however you want as long as you don't re-release it? Besides, it's a simple modification, this way the link will continue to work even if the username changes.
Bump! Help please Smile