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Full Version: The Lucas is here....
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lol, wanted a unique welcome thread name other than "Hi" or "I'm new" lol.

I'm the admin of a site I created to help people with various computer problems, and it's powered by this awesome forum software that I'm sure nobody but me and the authors have heard of, called MyBB Tongue.

Anyways, found this site while looking for more awesome plugins (too bad I can't get any here unless I subscribe Sad ) and thought what the heck I'll join just in case I need help on some plugin (which never happens--/not)

My favorite plugin has got to be Ajax PM Notification, though Profile Comments is a close second.

I also have a short Q: Is it ok if I put a link in the image in my sig to my forum please? I'm unsure about the rules and "referral links".

Oh, almost forgot to say something: HI