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Its What You Need.

About Europhic
Europhic is nothing more then a community where some of the MOST popular thread topics and categories come together to make a clean, organized, and professional style of forum experience. Europhic compiles threads of computing, designing, marketing, writing, programming, and even emotional support & sex threads all in one place. We use a simple yet advanced forum system to layout our content in a simple yet professional manner.

Why should you Join?
Obviously the choice is up to you whether you join or not. No one will be twisting anyones arm or cutting secret deals to get more members to the site. However Europhic offers features that many other web forums do not offer. These features include, but not limited to seamless facebook integration, custom search engine features, complete & perfect ajax frame, and advanced privacy settings for user profiles. These are not all the features, but these are the main board based features that users are sure to enjoy.

Europhic is a site where you can really just be you. Yes we ask you be mature about certiant things, but really its a place to talk, have fun, and just be yourself and not put on a dark person when going into sites like hackforums. We have an iron fist when it comes to privacy and security, so integrating your facebook account or adding any personal information can be done so without worrying about potential hackers.

Does Europhic have what I want?
Well that is hard to say, however we looked around for months on other wesbites, sent out many pm's, and just studied what people were interested in and what they could careless about. So with that being said, I am sure europhic has something that will peak your interest, if not suggest it and it will be added if found appropriate.

With that being said, please review, comment, and make suggestions to better the site.

love the layout & concept & the name is greatness. Hope it does well, can see a lot of work in it already
Thanks I am glad you like it.
This forum is going to be my main goal, besides my company.