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Full Version: Programmers Forums - Where all programmers are welcome!
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Programmers Forums - Where all programmers are welcome!

Programmers Forums is a forum dedicated to all types and levels of all programmers. We strive to have an ingenious, friendly and helpful community. If you're interested in programing, game development, and or technology, then this is the place for you. Though we're new, we are doing our best to appeal to every user we get! There are absolutely no advertisements (I am depending on donations to keep the site up and running: please note Donators receive many more permissions and privileges as well as a huge thanks) so you can rest assured we aren't here to gain money, yet to teach, help and learn from and with our community.

If you would like to register, please click here, or if you'd like to view our boards first, please click here.

Does anyone have anything to say?
This post is a friendly bump Smile
Big GrinVery nice forum. I like the colors and set up. Well done.
anything guys go here to