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Full Version: Tabbed Menu doesn't work with nicest theme :(
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Is there anyway to get the tabbed menu plugin to work with other themes? Because Black Evo is the nicest theme but it doesn't work with tabbed menu.

If there isn't a way to do so can you please link me to some nice themes that work with tabbed menu.
Tab menu works fine with Black Evo, I use it on my website.

Just to let you know, I'm the sort of 'second' owner, my friend who owns the website has a mybbcentral subscription for the plugins.
Have you done every step that you need to do to install mybb tabbed menu?
You're doing it wrong, it works with all themes.
Sometimes you have to do template edits. Other times it works perfectly just depends on the theme.
remember to read the trouble shooting you find in the tabbed menu thread