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Full Version: [Release] MyBB Clear Vision
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A web 2.0 theme for Mybb with Jquery and CSS3 by me.


[Image: 29uobbs.png]

Live Demo " " Login "Username: Utente prova ; Password: utenteprova".
Download Link not found -------


------ > Alternative download:

Do your like? Commented! Tongue
Cool theme dude. Keep it up.
Thank very much Big Grin
It says it's temporary unavailable for me. I'll have to wait, I guess but the demo looks incredibly awesome. [Image: mghappy.gif]
oh right, megaupload was scanned the file, now you can download the pack Smile

So... Thank you ^^
Thaanks I will download it when megaupload wants xDD
Can you try to upload it on rapidshare or somewhere else?
Please reupload. Theme cool Cool
on megaupload the download works now o.o
nice work have done... thnxxx for reload it keep it up....
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