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Full Version: Tabbed Menu - Change Location
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Hi again.

I've had a problem, but I've found everything I needed here : Tabbed Menu ~ Mega Guide / FAQ

So, using the same thread for another question since no one replied :

I can't seem to change the tabs location. They're on the top right of the board (like they are with default settings), but I don't want them like this. I'd like them to be a bit centered to the left (like on

I've tried playing with the tabbed.css, but nothing moved...

Anyone can sort me out ?


Anyone please help me ? It musn't be hard ... ?
Should be a index page edit.
Or you could go into the tabbed.css and center it in their.
Check the tabbed.css for the align tags.
Thanks, done it.

Need to align text actually. Found it weird, but it worked.