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Full Version: PLEASE: Don't show newest member if they are part of "Awaiting Activation"
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Can anyone tell me where I need to look, to change this functionality? I want to set a condition of some kind, to where the user will not display if their GID is "5". I see this functionality as a defect, because it makes no sense, but the MyBB developers said they would not change it (here).

Could someone please help me out? This is a real problem for me... THANKS!
My theme's index_stats template file says this:

<tr><td class="tcat"><span class="smalltext"><strong>{$lang->boardstats}</strong></span></td></tr>
<td class="trow1"><span class="smalltext">
{$lang->stats_posts_threads}<br />
{$lang->stats_numusers}<br />
{$lang->stats_newestuser}<br />

So stats_newestuser seems to be what I need to look more closely at... But where can I dig into this? What is stats_newestuser? Am I even on the right track?
run an if statement.
If the user is in the awaiting activation group post the last user.
Else post him.
Someone (thanks leefish!) has come up with a fix for this silly behavior, and it has been working well for me. See here for the info.