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Full Version: Great Hosting for Mybb
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I am offering domains and hosting plans.
Hosting starts from $100 a year this include cpanel access, unlimited emails and great support. I don't charge for extra emails, database, etc

I have my own Hybrid Server. This means you will not share the server with millions of people and i will give premium support.


Intel Xeon CPUs:
CENTOS 5 64bit Linux Distro
Ram:2048 MB
Burstable RAM:4096MB
RAID-10 Protected Storage:
ServerSnapShot Backup:
Port Speed:100 Mbps
ServerGuard Security:
99.9% Uptime Guarantee:
Automated daily and weekly RAID Protected Backups


You must be mad 100$ for 1 year haha lol
i get $0.01 per year also FREE Ulitmated hosting
Thats too much money.
100$ that's crazy, good luck on getting any customers.
$100/year is only $8.33/month - its not that much. AppleDeveloper, 1 cent per year is just stupid.
Ehh, too much for me. I got 2 years of complete hosting, unlimited e-mails, etc for only $70.
You honestly don't need a 100 mbps port for a MyBB website. 10 mb port should have been fine. 100 would be good but if it costed extra I would've gone for a 10 mb port.
Thats a bit high, my company offers 56.00 a year for unlim hosting. 100.00 a year better be like om some IBM servers that have superb connections.


Yeah, a little bit high.
You tax too much. You don't have a brand, we aren't sure about the downtime, about the stability and many more.