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Full Version: Ficons Issue
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Hello, I'm experiencing problems with the Plugin "Ficons"

I have uploaded the files, but when I try to upload an image I receive: Error with ficon please try again, and an image quickly flashes up but it flashes up that fast that I can't see the text.'

I'm using MyBB 1.6, is that a Problem? Because I read in the thread that it works fine for 1.6

Could somebody tell me what I do wrong?
I have uploaded the files to: Public_html/Inc/Plugins and /Uploads

I have chmoded the folders to 777.

I nearly forgot to mention, I am using the default mybb theme.

Thank you,
Wee. Smile
The way you posted that makes me feel like you FTP'd the images? Dont do that, just upload them in the ACP, under forums and posts theres a ficons tab.
I know that, I done that.

- Wee.
chmod uploads/ 777 and chmod uploads/ficons/ 777.
Still the same ;/

Thanks for your response aswell Smile
Now I receive this when trying to activate the plugin: This plugin is incompatible with MyBB 1600
Edit the compatibility line, the file in /inc/plugins, change it from *14 to *16, or just *.

Yep, but I still receive error when uploading files.

I guess i'll just get my hope down.