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Below is how to record video on YouTube:
Record YouTube videos step 1: Download, install then launch the video recorder for YouTube .
Tips: Click “Add URL” button, you can add a video URL to download.

Record YouTube videos step 2: Click “settings” to set the download folder and the output format of the downloaded YouTube videos.

Record YouTube videos step 3: Open YouTube, search your favorite video and play, the YouTube video recorder will immediately capture your
video and start to record it. You can stop the progress at any time.

Record YouTube videos step 4: Click “My Downloads” button to view your recorded YouTube videos.

Done! So easy record videos from YouTube with this YouTube video recorder software!

Imagine how nice it would be if you could record YouTube videos and put the enormous number of your favorite videos into iPod. The reality is
that you can now actually record all YouTube videos with the YouTube video recorder.

[download youtube video recorder] Download YouTube Video Recorder