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I had a guy try and test MyIPN and he had logged into paypal and tried sending the payment however he had gotten this error.
"Your last action cannot be completed"
I have a Unverified Premier account.

[Image: Untitled.png]

Price of the item is 1 penny.
Isn't anyone gonna respond?
I think you answered your own question. You need a verified premier account if I am not mistaken. You glitch is most likely on the PayPal side.
I'm also running it on MyBB v1.6
nofear Wrote:I have a Unverified Premier account.

I think thats your problem.
vbulliten works fine for me though. So does WHMCS. Why wouldn't this?
man I too wanna know ,labrocca can we some how configure plugin to accept payments if we are unverified and also if the sender is unverified :S

You can use my plugin. it works with verified and unverified paypal. Plus it works with AlertPay too! It's because of the payment type MyIPN uses.
really works bro? Big Grin
Yes, it's what we use on our site :p for a demo=)
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