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Full Version: Review my Forum
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Hello there. My Forum is build by MyBB 1.6. I used myBB since myBB 1.4. I want to you review my forum, and give me suggest to improve my forum better than now.

Thank You very much.

Best Regards,
Big Grin
It was very slow to load.
The first thing I noticed was the donation button. That changed my whole perspective of your site. I immediately decided that you are just doing this to make money, which makes me treat it more like a business site than a community site.
The first section, Informasi Seputar Forum, has no threads listed (hidden?) while all other sections are visible. Is that what you intended?
The theme is nothing special, but the layout is easy to follow. It appears to be gaining popularity.

Having said all that, I should tell you that I do not know what language it is in. I am just giving a first impression based on visual impact.

Maybe you will give me your thoughts on