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Full Version: Tabbed menu - Please Help
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I have a problem with Tabbed menu, and Coder Green v2 template...
I checked ALL the code twice, MyBB version is 1.6 ...
All categories are under one tab, and I can do nothing..
You can see it here:

Please help, that's the only good template, can I downgrade the forum or something? Please...thanks Smile
I would help you but i haven't used myBB for a while and i will need to see what i'm doing and atm i dont have any hosting but if you dont get it sorted i'll try get some hosting to help you.
I would give you host but i can host only one domain...
And I checked all the code, all seems right Sad
i added you on msn we can talk on there
Fixed it for him

Can you tell me what you did for him? I got the same problem at I tried all the troubleshooting threads, etc. as well.