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[Image: CFwebsiteshowcase.png]
Just bad copy of hackforums.
(Dec 07, 2010, 07:18 AM)ProxyBoy Wrote: [ -> ]Just bad copy of hackforums.

How is this a bad copy of hackforums
when this forum copy's nothing from HF
also does not include hacking..
Please step up your low quality post kid
Very nice use of tabs & graphics, it all fits great with the theme & very well organized. Pages load very fast & I say very good job. Good luck with it thumbs up!
Thanks for the feedback bro
Site has improved really good more activity and more members
check it out guys...
and dont be shy to register
Site looks great, I love the fonts you are using, but the snow is a little annoying.

Overall I like the site, good luck!
Nice graphical work.The text design is quite good but the color you use is quite annoying.
Site is almost at 400 members join now guys ...
Looks rather nice, only thing id change if it were my forums is the background colour.

Perhaps a dark grey, I havea thing about using black in any of my projects.
Oh yer, i love the sparkle your name has. How do you do that!
Never mind, very clever Tongue
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