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Full Version: My ad manager
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I have a member who is currently using opera as their web browser. He is saying that wherever he clicks on the screen, it just goes to the ad I have on there. I have had no other complaints about this. When I first put the ad code into the ad manager I accidentally left off the end tag "</a>" and it did the same thing to me. But I fixed it that same night and has been working fine ever since. I told him to clear all cahce and cookies etc and see if that works but he said it didn't. Any help is much appreciated.

Hi Smile

whether only this user has problem?or are other users?

just this one user. He's probably the only person using opera as his browser too.
Please say to this user that send screen shots to you and you send to me
Thansk dr730

I just disabled the top header ad and placed it in the footer and enabled it there and it fixed the problem. There's something wrong with the top header ad section.