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Full Version: [1.4 and 1.6] AlertPay/PayPal Automatic Donation - PAYPAL AND ALERTPAY IPN! NOW FREE
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Release Date 12/8/2010

This plugin will allow you to take donations on your forum. It will automatically move the user that purchases it to the selected UserGroup.


[Image: ev886o.jpg]

Enjoy! Smile
Thumbnail is hardly visible...Good work anyhow.
I apologize for that, i will make a larger one ASAP. Currently i am working on a Subscription version of it. With optional recurring payments. Much like theone included by default in vBulletin Smile
The special for $2 ends soon! get it while you can =)
One question. Do we get future updates of this plugin as well or just the current version and that's it?
yes. lifetime future updates Smile and lifetime support. I dont believe in making someone pay for something and them not getting updates for it :p
I'll think about purchasing it, because I really want users to be able to donate via two payment processors.
Alright, also if you have any suggestions for it, please feel free to post them on my forum Smile This could include other payment processors (google checkout, etc) Smile
One question though. How can you expect us to purchase an item from a site that it's not even active nor has any posts on it? :S
I'm really sceptic about this.
I just reset the posts, not the users. Just because a forum isn't active has nothing to do with the quality of my work..

Plus, if i was gonna scam someone it sure as hell would be for more than $2 lol
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