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Full Version: Hi everybody
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Hi Big Grin I'm italian and I really like this site. I don't write english very well ;-)
hi good......
hi everyone how r u ? friends i am going to buy bike in next few days.
Welcome to the forums Big Grin
I am Zeshan from Asia.I am 21 years old currently doing MBA.I am a regular user of the internet.I love watching English movies.I am new to this forum.Forum are a great source for getting information and sharing your ideas with others.
:O Thanks Big Grin
Hello everyone!
I am wiki,new here.Playing cricket is my hobby and I would like to participate this forum. I hope you to share my ideas! I hope I get good response.I want to thank administrator for giving us the space for sharing our knowledge. There are lot of people with good knowledge here.Thanks To all friends.Have a Nice Day.
hello friends i will go out tommorow with my friends.